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1:1 Nutrition Coaching


Elev8 Race Ready Nutrition Coaching

Fuel your next marathon, ultramarathon or triathlon with confidence!
If you have a goal race coming up and you wish to shave time off the clock, be more efficient with fueling and reduce severity of gut issues this is the coaching plan for you!

Whats included:

  • 90-minute 1;1 session focused on your endurance race prepartion
  • 1 x 30-minute follow up sessions
  • Extra follow up sessions if required (€45/session)
  • Detailed diet analysis and recommendations to ensure fuelling pre/during/post key sessions
  • Pre race fuelling planning so you are prepared for event
  • Gut tolerance and fuel testing protocols w/guidance on timing and products for key pre race sessions or B races
  • Customised report with fuel recommendations and done for you plan calculated and timing specific to you and your race.
  • Hydration plan suited to environmental conditions and specific to race (events >4-5 hours)

Price: €250 (works best at least 3 months out from goal race)

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VIP Performance Nutrition Coaching

(Men & Women)

Intensive foundational package leading to your best exercise performance. Individualised and sex-specific approach to training nutrition and hydration.


  • 60-minute “Kick Start” session, assessment, intention setting
  • 8 x 30-minute coaching sessions, weekly first month, bi-weekly thereafter.
  • Detailed diet analysis and recommendations to improve performance
  • Daily Food journal review with comments, meal recommendations, recipes
  • Pre-exercise & Post-exercise fuelling strategy
  • Personalized during-workout fuelling (if desired)
  • Sports product recommendations and supplement reviews
  • Race/Event planning-gut training/GI issues/hydration and fuelling plans
  • Metabolic testing RMR testing (discounted price)
  • Accountability and support throughout
  • Unlimited email and chat access with Catriona
  • Personalized recipe collections and meal planning
  • Weekly goal setting on Monday and check-ins on Friday
  • Minimum 3 Month commitment

(Payment plans and Instalments available)


Elev8 Nutrition & Exercise Menopause Coaching

for Women 40+

Get your habits and nutrition back on track to feeling energetic and fuelled without counting calories, feeling hungry and still meeting your body composition and performance goals. Specifically designed for active women 40+


  • 60-minute “Kick Start” session, dietary and lifestyle analysis and assessment, nutrition planning
  • 5 x 30-minute coaching sessions
  • Food journal review with comments, meal recommendations, recipes
  • Accountability and support. Weekly goal setting on Monday and check-ins on Friday
  • Unlimited email and chat access with Catriona
  • Minimum 3 month commitment

(Payment plans and Instalments available)

Marathon runners

Accountability and Meal Planning

(must have participated in previous packages or programs)

Actively track and refine new lifestyle behaviours and get your meal planning focused.


  • 30-minute revised nutrition planning and realignment session
  • Weekly check-in, support and message access for questions and benefits.
  • Goal setting on Monday and check-ins on Friday
  • Group format benefits via private Facebook Group with Monthly group coaching
  • Personalized recipe collections and weekly meal planning for specific areas of a health focus.

Group Coaching for Women Elev8 Eat Well Move Well

for Women 40+

This 3-month group coaching programme is designed specifically for women over 40 who want to feel nourished, energetic and move well for the perimenopausal transition and beyond. It is
an injection of nutrition, physical activity and vitality without the pain of counting calories, feeling hungry while still reaching your goals.


  • 3 months of support from me and a small group of likeminded women
  • Initial weekly learning modules plus group coaching weekly for the first 8 weeks followed by bi-weekly coaching. All via Zoom.
  • Private group chat with women in the same stage of life
  • 1:1 preparation session with Catriona
  • Video learning modules
  • Weekly nutrition focus and accountability Mondays and Fridays. Goal setting on Monday and check-ins on Friday
  • Small group size guaranteed to ensure you are supported on your journey
  • Strength Classes, nutrition demo’s/workshops

Corporate Talk

I can work with your company or team to create bespoke workshops/talks on subjects such as Menopause in the workplace, Nutrition for Female Performance in the Workplace, Female Performance Nutrition in a Sports team.

Cost based on service required

Elevate your nutrition to the next level!