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Reach your peak potential through accountability and support, nourishing foods and non-restrictive eating.

Trustworthy and Personalised advice

Welcome to ELEV8NUTRITION. I’m Catriona, a Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist. It is my mission to help you achieve your nutrition and activity goals. Let’s connect your lifestyle and exercise with food choices that nourish vitality and help you reach your peak performance.

Together we can work through a myriad of issues faced by many active people and athletes such as diet
confusion, restrictive dieting, fatigue and poor sleep, busy home life and time constraints, and most commonly, not knowing where to start with your
training nutrition.

Through practical, evidence-based advice and education, I will help you align your nutrition and training, creating a dynamic that works best for your


How It Works


Get In Touch

Our initial consultation will be a complimentary 30-minute call where we will discuss your current nutrition and exercise routine. Here, we will figure out what would be an achievable plan for you and what program works best for you based on your personal goals.


Initial Session

This is where your journey to a sustainable nutrition truly begins. In this hour-long session, we will map out your lifestyle requirements, training schedule, food preferences and social life. Based on these factors, I will create a comprehensive plan that outlines my recommended steps, enabling you to begin your transformation into a stronger, more
nourished athlete.


Nutrition Coaching

I endeavour to find the root cause and solution to your nutritional struggles. I will tailor a programme that will allow you to overcome the everyday life hurdles that obstruct your training.
All coaching consultations will run online, giving you the flexibility to suit your schedule.You will have access to a secure client portal app called ‘Better’ which will keep you on track. Your personal account will allow you access to recipe guides, nutritional information and direct contact with me when needed.

Book a Free 15 min Consultation

I would love to talk nutrition with you!


Sports Nutrition Cork


Semi-Professional Climber

As a semi-professional climber, I have never given nutrition much thought.  Catriona made me aware of the importance of a balanced diet before, during and after exercise (i.e. protein, carbohydrate and fats). It really helped with my energy levels and recovery period.  She also helped me through an injury period, with specific nutritional needs to help speed recovery.  Catriona is very professional in her approach, and has a broad knowledge on performance athletes.  I would recommend her services.


Paul, Cork


Each year after setting my goal full distance race, I look to introduce something new to give me an extra edge to improve my personal best. In 2017 I decided to focus on nutrition. Having read many articles on this, I thought I knew most aspects on nutrition , however this changed dramatically once I met with Catriona from Elev8nutrition.  After outlining my goals during our initial meeting, the implementation of the information and plans received from Catriona resulted in an immediate improvement in my training times, recovery and overall body condition which all culminated in a personal best by a staggering 25mins in my goal race. Catriona did not only provide an extremely flexible service but also showed a genuine interest to ensure my goals were achieved. Working with Elev8nutrition is something I will include as an essential part of my training plan and advise anyone wishing to gain that winning edge to do the same.


Caroline Donegan

I would highly recommend Catriona's services, I feel super, gained muscle power, have loads of energy and overall feel really good once I started putting Catriona's advice into action. My performance on the bike has improved hugely and I look forward to further gains going into the summer months.

Cyclists are cycling, climbing up to the top.

Stephen Butler


Working with Catriona gave me a better focus on foods to increase performance. There was a definite impact on my training at high intensities. Previously, I was focusing on weight loss but now it's nutrition for performance. Planning out event day nutrition with Catriona was empowering as it felt like everything was under control and thought through. All of it came together and I got my personal best performance on the day so was very satisfied.



GAA Player

Working with Catriona has changed the way I think about food and I know what benefits me and how it improves my training. I know the importance of the quantity and quality of foods to fuel training, rest and match day's. I highly recommend Catriona to anyone that needs help with their nutrition.

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